My crochet habit and my Doctor Who habit collide

This is without a doubt my favorite thing I’ve crocheted so far. I worked on him while in the UK, so I think he is sufficiently British. Blessed even.

The cuddly Doctor is going to Alana over the Fourth of July weekend and I will be so sad to see him go. I think I’ll start another one for myself…while I’m watching Doctor Who.

Many thanks go to Nyss at Pixelated Mushroom for the lovely free pattern and lots of coaching while I was completing the coat!

9 thoughts on “My crochet habit and my Doctor Who habit collide

  1. Love it! It’s awesome to see all of the bits and pieces you were working on in the UK come together.

  2. Ha!! Adorable!! Just think, stick a big fat bow tie on him, and make his eyes blue, and you’ve got a 11th Doctor instead of a 10th Doctor!

  3. Too cute – I can’t achieve it – but I’m glad there’s someone who can. I’ve missed reading you in my long absence. Glad y0u’re still here! Many hugs… and I can’t imagine I’ll ever try that pattern.

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