Weekend with LanaBob

Alana has been visiting us this weekend and we’ve had some big fun. Friday we went to Build-a-Bear to celebrate 50 years of Sanrio.

From left to right: Alana’s new Yorkie, Rooney, My Hello Kitty, Eli’s Keroppi, Liza’s Tropical Kitty, Liza and Eli. Notice Eli’s band-aid on his forehead, that’s where the stitches are.

Having LanaBob here when Eli smashed his head was invaluable. She cleaned up dinner (since we had just finished eating when it happened) and stayed with Liza while Stephen and I took him to the Urgent Care on the corner. Thanks, LanaBob!

This is dip night. When Alana visits, we always make at least one dip. This time we decided to have a whole dinner of dips. Clockwise from top left: pizza dip, spinach dip, salmon spread, cheese dip and spinach artichoke dip. It is all awesome and I’m going back to eat some now!

5 thoughts on “Weekend with LanaBob

  1. So glad she was there! Also glad that the urgent care was still open. Two stitches experiences in about a week, no fun! Sending many good vibes your way Misty.

  2. Chrissy: I’m glad she was here too! We are all done with being injured at this house!

    Joyeuse13: We should have probably used some veggies but it was all chips for the dips.

    Geof: Next time!

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