Did I mention the hat drive?

I finished my Dr Who doll in time to take it to Dragon*Con. Renee and I had a blast taking photos of him all over Con.

Since Con, I’ve also finished Rose (notice my Dr Who poster that I got at Con in the background):

I’ve been making hats for a hat drive ever since:

The goal of the drive is 500 hats by January 1, 2011. My personal goal is 50 hats. I’ve made 16 so far.

Here’s Baby Alice sporting a too small hat:

Sometime in here, I have to make Alice a hat that actually fits!

8 thoughts on “Did I mention the hat drive?

  1. The hats look so good. We do appreciate your participating in our Fall charity project. I love the one on Baby Alice. And it goes without saying that Rose is beautiful.

  2. Excellent!!! The traveling Doctor, the new Rose and the drive! 🙂 Welcome back!
    Saving Stephen’s post for tomorrow, when I actually might have some time!
    And how are the kids? Did everyone make it through the long weekend unscathed? (Or is the curse still with you?)

  3. Danielle: Yes, some of it came from your free cycle yarn. And I’ve made more hats from the free cycle yarn since that photo.

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