Yahoo Closes, the social bookmark service that we’ve used for our Shrapnel links, is getting the bullet to the head courtesy of Yahoo. If you still need a cross-browser bookmarking service, take a look at Xmarks. There’s also Diigo, which not only stores bookmarks but also lets you store the whole web page and annotate it. Both will let you import your bookmarks.

Update: Several friends also pointed me to Pinboard, which bills itself as “socal bookmarking for introverts”.

5 thoughts on “Yahoo Closes

  1. More online leaked material! We need to whip Yahoo into a frenzy so it will sue the leaker for, um, treason, or something…

  2. As a Pinboard user, I’ll note why I use it [as I’m clearly not an introvert]: they’re bookmarks. I don’t give a crap about sharing them socially. There’s a feed if I want to repurpose them, but I’ve not done it. I don’t want you to use the system to send me a link; I’m not going to check the system enough to do it. I like Pinboard because I can pay for it and ensure that the system has a good chance of being around in the future, and I love the archiving feature. Beats the hell out of a Google cache.

    1. I don’t think that paying for a service is necessarily a greater guarantee that it’ll be around longer. VC and angel funding make it possible for for-free companies to beat for-pay competitors. The crucial thing is: can I take my data with me? As Jason Scott has pointed out, if you can’t take your data with you, then it’s not really yours. With any service that you don’t control, you need to make sure you can get your data in and out easily, and use that to keep a backup of it. There are no guarantees with any company, which means you always will be going where the winds blow. The only protection we’ve got is having handles on our data so we can pick it up like a suitcase and carry it with us when a company closes.

  3. I migrated my bookmarks over to Firefox once they introduced Mozilla Weave (now Firefox Sync). It keeps them in sync between work and home, and I can even host my own Weave server if I want even more control.

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