Attack of the Brain Slugs

When I asked for Eli to pose for this photo, I asked him to look sad. He replied that he wanted to be happy. We got kinda bogged down in the discussion after that when I was explaining to him that when the brain slug is on your head you are most definitely not happy.

Brain Slug pattern by Alicia Ramirez.

5 thoughts on “Attack of the Brain Slugs

  1. I believe Eli is correct. The Common Green Brain Slug, as depicted here, creates a sense of euphoria in it’s host and thereby avoids being forcibly removed. Additionally, the organism often creates a fondness for hats or large hair, and by this method, can avoid detection for years or even decades. Although the mental abilities of the host are greatly diminished, many of them continue to function in society as congressmen, televangelists, or political pundits.

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