Indian Festival

Will’s mom, Chrissy, called yesterday and invited us to go to the Indian Festival in downtown Huntsville today so we headed over there for dinner and some traditional Indian dancing. It was at the Von Braun Center so we also managed to stop at Big Spring Park going in and coming out. The food was pretty good and the dancing was great with lots of traditional music. The playgroup dads all got to see one another and Eli had great fun with Will and Mackenzie. Big surprise there. The only down moment was when I went to get my henna they were closing up that booth for the night. I may never get the hennaed hands of my dreams. I did however get some groovy pictures.


Go here to see the rest of the photos.

2 thoughts on “Indian Festival

  1. The VBC was busy yesterday. In addition to the Indian festival, there was a deer hunting convention. How do I know? I was there yesterday morning for the third event: the Huntsville Hamfest. Basically, it’s a big fat swap meet for amateur radio (“ham”) operators. Lots of vendors of new equipment and lots of people selling old stuff (sometimes REALLY old stuff). I actually managed to make it out of there spending only about $25. $2 of that got me ten 14′ CAT 5 cables.

  2. We had fun playing the “who is going to which event?” game. Young women in saris? Indian festival. Old guys in gimme caps and camouflage pants? Deer hunting convention.

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