Super Awesome Robot Action Sequence Go!

Are you ready to have your skull opened up, your brains scooped out, and your cranial cavity filled with awesome? Then take a look at the following collection of the most awesome action sequences involving a robot ever committed to film.

Those are scenes from Enthiran, a 2010 Tamil SF movie about a robot who, of course, malfunctions. There is more to the movie than what’s shown above. For instance, the compilation leaves out the part where the robot and the leading actress sing heavily Auto-Tuned songs to each other while what look like Cylons dance around them.

Have I mentioned that I love the future? Because I do.

4 thoughts on “Super Awesome Robot Action Sequence Go!

  1. While the action sequences were impressive, the part that I can’t stop laughing at is at 6:40.

  2. Hmm… if the missing “seventh model” was like this, I can see why John Cavill had it destroyed. 😉

  3. So the world is going to be taken over by Elvis impersonator robots with skunk hairdoos? Cool.

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