5 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. My wish is that he continue to grow into a Godly young man who loves his parents and little sister. I hope that he looks to you two for advice. I wish that he’ll continue to be willing to try things, fail at times, and learn from those experiences. I hope that he’ll have great dreams and find the courage and strength to chase them. I wish that he’ll remain faithful. I hope that he’ll have the compassion his folks exhibit.

    I hope and wish that he’ll keep on being a good kid. I’m fairly sure that wish will come true.

  2. Happy Birthday to the young man who made me a grandmother and gave me my name. Eli, I love you with all my heart and my wish for you on this day that you become seven is that you will always follow the path that God laid out for you before you were born. You come from a long line of godly men and my prayer is that you will continue to love God and follow Him just as all the Granade men have done before you. You have a great legacy in being born a Granade.
    My love for you goes “all the way to the moon and back.” Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to the best 7 year old on the planet! Love you, little dude!!!

    And I totally forgot to ask, who made that awesome cake?!?

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