Ready For His Closeup

I believe Eli has finally absorbed the lessons of television, specifically reality shows: we all deserve to be on camera. He has taken to introducing us to his studio audience. “Oh, hi! I’m Eli. These are my friends, mom and dad. We’re playing Candyland.” Occasionally I can tell what show he’s auditioning for: “Oh, hi! Welcome to Sesame Street!”

He is often playing for his audience, real or imagined. Just a week or so ago he got done with dinner early and climbed down to play. He went into his room and returned with his etch-a-sketch-like drawing pad. He was walking slowly, not doing much, but as soon as he was back in the kitchen and realized that we were watching him, he began scribbling furiously on the pad.

On Mythbusters, Tory once claimed that Adam Savage had always acted as if a camera crew was following him and filming his every move at all times. Now we know who Eli will be when he grows up. Man, I’d really hoped that Eli wasn’t going to lose his hair like that.

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