Sunday Drive Up a Mountain and Back

Our friend Rachel confessed that she’d never been to the state park on top of Monte Sano mountain. “What?” we said in shock and disbelief. “Get in our car! Yes, now. Right now.”

So it was that we made our way up the windy roads that lead to Monte Sano state park. It’s extremely pretty up there, with some nice overlooks and trails and that sort of thing.

But that wasn’t what interested Eli. What interested Eli was the playset.

Hm. That doesn’t quite give the flavor of the thing. Let me try again.

What interested Eli was THE PLAYSET.

The playset was huge. It had multiple levels. It had slides sprouting from it like tentacles. It had a fake rock wall and a bunch of bars to swing from and oh so many places for Eli to fall and smash open his head.

He, of course, was all about the climbing.

We helped him climb at first, but at one point I was distracted by a girl who couldn’t have been more than a year and a half old, and who had wandered up the stairs and onto the platforms and then to the tallest slide where she proceeded to slide down. Misty caught the girl and returned her to her very surprised mother. When I turned around, I discovered Eli had been climbing all by himself.

He did think the sliding was good, too.

We had a lot of fun on Monte Sano. While Eli climbed and slid, Rachel, Misty and I swung and played on the see-saw. There was only one thing that made the afternoon less than perfect. I discovered that the playset was not just a place of fun. It was also a purveyor of lies.

In case you can’t quite make out the assault against science in general and the IAU in particular, let me show you more clearly.

I shall be writing my park ranger about this.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Drive Up a Mountain and Back

  1. While it’s not _quite_ as exciting as that, we have a pretty good playground nearby us here. And there’s a water spray area, which in the summer has all kinds of spriklers going for people to run around in!

    Maybe you should come visit (and bring Eli this time), hint, hint.

  2. My kids and I have a desire to try out every play structure that we can find in the Bay Area. There are so many cool configurations everywhere that they could never get tired of them all. Also, I think you should write your congressman as well as the state park office on this violation.

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