Search Your Feelings; You Know It to Be True

A while ago we watched the original Star Wars movie with Eli and Liza. Liza especially was entranced. “There’s Darth Vader!” she said excitedly when he strode onto the rebel ship for the first time. “Listen! He’s breeeeeathing.”

Given her love of DV, I wonder what the future holds for Liza. I’m guessing it’ll be something like this:

1 thought on “Search Your Feelings; You Know It to Be True

  1. My son Ben (6 1/2) also identifies with Darth Vader. He has one of the really dark posters on his wall and thinks it’s no big deal. I explaint hat DV is evil and bad, but Ben insists, “I know, but he has a little bit of good in him and he ends up being good in the end.”
    He sees the redemption completely balancing out if not covering for all past evils.
    I think I like this about Ben. He’s always looking for the good in people.
    But given a choice of a favorite character in the Star Wars universe, it’s absolutely Darth Vader.

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