I’m the Best! I’m the Best at Space!

I loved the game Portal 2 for its gameplay, story, and especially its writing. One of my favorite bits was the Space Core, a computer personality who was fixated on space.

As a sign of my unhealthy fascination with the Space Core, I spliced a number of its lines together into a 30-second sound file that is suitable for being a ringtone. Now your phone can talk about going into space! You can grab either the mp3 file for Android or similar phones or the m4r file for iPhones.

6 thoughts on “I’m the Best! I’m the Best at Space!

  1. Love it! Too bad I don’t have either kind of phone to actually use this as my ringtone….

  2. Oh my crap, the Space Core is my favorite character in the entire franchise, which is kind of sad as he only shows up for about thirty seconds. Nonetheless, I want some official Space Core merchandise from the Valve store, because I would hellza wear an “I am the best at space” tee.

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