Podcasting at Dragon*Con 2011

My Dragon*Con this year was far more packed than normal, so I’m splitting my normal recap post into several, divided by topic. First up is podcasting! We did our usual live episode of WhatTheCast, which was raucous and fun. We had Patrick Jarrett calling in as our roving sports reporter from Philadelphia, where he was covering the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour as part of his job as Editor in Chief of Gathering Magic. We got to meet Lizzie Lynch, who learned about Dragon*Con from WhatTheCast years ago and was attending the con for the first time.

Oh, yeah, and we won one of these:

That’s a Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Fan or News Podcast. It’s a juried award, and I was thrilled that we won it.

That would have been plenty to make this Dragon*Con special, but Sunday night topped it all in terms of sheer surreal wonderfulness. Colin Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Carter on the sadly-cancelled Eureka, agreed to be part of Disasterpiece Theatre, my other podcast.

So of course we had to cast him in the Eureka movie as directed by Michael Bay.

Colin Ferguson with Alex White, Brooke Fox and Stephen Granade

He was an excellent guest, funny as hell, and was quite willing to invent terrible things for his fellow Eureka cast members to do in the movie, like having Felicia Day play a villain with an over-the-top German accent.

I will note that the above is not the first picture we took with him. When we asked him if he’d be willing to take a cast photo with us, he said, “Sure! We should do it in the bathtub. We can all pretend to be passed out.”

Colin Ferguson with the cast of Disasterpiece Theatre

I believe this will now be the picture I use for my professional science gigs.

11 thoughts on “Podcasting at Dragon*Con 2011

  1. That is possibly the most awesome photo I’ve ever seen (and the first one is pretty sweet, too). Mega-jealous. Congrats on the well-deserved award!

  2. I didn’t even know you’d been nominated this year! Congratulations! Also, I want to play in your podcast. You have the best times.

  3. Are you now officially too cool for me to come over and hang out at your house? 🙂 *melodramatic sniffle*

    Now that you’re partying with the Hollywood kids, don’t forget where you came from!

  4. pretty sure this is the first time I have been linked in a blog on the internet. Another first!
    This is very cool, thank you!

  5. Amy: Never fear. As fun as that was, I had just as much fun (if not moreso) hanging with Techops people, Science track people, etc.

    Lizzie: You bet! It was great to get to meet you in person!

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