Liza Loves Animals On the Internet

Misty has been haunting Pinterest ever since she discovered that it would serve her a never-ending stream of Doctor Who-related content. A while back she thought, what if I showed our animal-obsessed daughter the Pinterest board that has nothing but animals on it?

The answer: Liza becomes so enamored of Pinterest that her gasps of excitement suck all of the oxygen out of the room.

The best part is that I shot this video some twenty minutes after Liza first started looking at animals on Pinterest. This is her after she’s calmed down.

5 thoughts on “Liza Loves Animals On the Internet

  1. The gasps are priceless. And the “you were, like, ‘what is that, it’s a rat’ – that rhymes!”… too cute. If I showed that Pinterest channel to my girls they’d be fighting over the iPad for days.

  2. She needs to come to my house where I have two real life dogs – one who is really playful! And they are just Liza’s size.

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