Where Life Takes You

I have been absent from this site for some time. The short explanation is, I’ve been incubating.

Here’s the slightly longer explanation: Two years ago I attended the Global Women Summit in Austin, TX. Since that experience, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what sort of contribution I can make to the world. There’s a lot of need out there and since I have been blessed with abundance, I want to share. So how to do that?

That’s been the sticking point for a while. I’ve tried several projects and none of them fit quite right. They were worthy things. Good things. Life giving things. But not the right combination of what Frederick Buechner calls where my “deep gladness” and the “world’s deep hunger” meet.

Just after the first of the year, a friend asked me if I’d be interested in a project she was going to be working on. (I’d convinced her to attend the Summit in October and she’d caught the same bug as me.) She started explaining that she wanted to sell crafts to raise money for and awareness of the worldwide water crisis. Now I have interest, organizational ability and a bit energy but Hallie has vision and drive and all that magic stuff that makes things start to happen. I immediately said yes!

Since January, I have been saying that my friends and I accidentally started a non-profit organization. And I say it sort of jokingly. But it’s starting to be the real deal. In the very near future we are going to need an accountant and lawyer to get it set up. Right now we are working out of our church and our own pockets.

But now! This is the exciting part! I get to share it with everyone! Visit The Water Glass to see where I’ve been spending my time. There are lots of pictures and links, so feel free to poke around a bit.

And check out this video. It’s an excellent overview of the water crisis in under four minutes.

2 thoughts on “Where Life Takes You

  1. Misty,
    I want to buy several dish towels when we come next week. Pick some out for me. I love the layout of the website and enjoyed reading about all of you and your projects.
    I am so proud of you and your generous heart. I am so thrilled to call you my daughter.

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