Liza’s Awesome Shark Cake

One thing I didn’t talk about in my letter to Liza was her awesome cake. Our friend Renèe has made some awesome birthday cakes, including Eli’s robot cake and his World of Goo cake. She wanted to make Liza a cake, so Misty asked Liza what she’d want. We were expecting My Little Pony or Hello Kitty. Instead, Liza said, “I want a shark cake. With a shark.”

Shark Cake!Renèe totally delivered a shark cake. Look at that happy shark, rising from the cake and inviting kids to pet it so that it can sink its teeth into their tender flesh and drag them below the icing. The shark head was made of shaped Rice Krispy treat, and all of the kids had to take a bite of it. Take that, predator of the deep!

So, yeah, shark cake. I can only assume next year Liza will want a jellyfish cake. If she does, I have no doubt Renèe can make it, and that its tentacles will sting your mouth with their sweetness.

5 thoughts on “Liza’s Awesome Shark Cake

  1. I’m impressed by creations like this, because they require both chemistry AND engineering skill to get right. Dunno how you could top this cake — almost as if this cake is jumping the… erm.

  2. That is just too cute! So cute I’d have a hard time watching it get cut for the sake of consumption.

  3. The shark looks cute. I think it’s still a baby shark. This is a great idea and great creativity. I might be making one for myself. Thanks for the idea.

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