Week 1 of Making Something Every Day

So the first week of making things has had its ups and downs.

Day 1: beginnings of a spread in my art journal.
Day 1

Day 2: learning patience. Needed to let it dry longer before adding yellow layer.
Day 2

Previously when I’ve worked in an art journal, I’ve constructed it out of watercolor paper myself. These constructed books are great because they don’t have too many pages, they hold paint well and I can take some pride in having constructed it as well as painted, written, doodled, glued, and stamped in it. Teesha Moore has a fabulous tutorial on how to make them.

But of course, instead of doing something that I know works, I decided to reinvent the wheel. So I pulled out a journal someone gave me as a gift to use as an art journal. It’s made of drawing paper, so it has a deep and abiding hatred of paint. I put paint on a few pages and I couldn’t get them to dry. I had to leave them sitting overnight because the fibers were saturated. This presents a problem when I only have 20 minutes a day! I did some research and some other creative types online recommend this watercolor journal. I’ve looked at it before but resisted purchasing a $30 notebook. I can spend money all day long on art supplies but something about spending that much on a notebook makes me want to curl up and cry.

After Day 1 and Day 2 of working in the drawing paper book, I decided to order the $30 one. It hasn’t come in yet but when it does, I’ll let you know what I think of the pages. I’ll probably be redoing the two spreads I started in the first notebook. Just goes to show you that some days you throw all the work out.

Day 3: Prepped 9 ATC boards for a series on Nepal. Sketched out the design. Picked out paper & stamps for collage.
Day 3

Day 4: Progress on the 9 Nepal ATCs. Individual cards that make a whole collage when arranged this way.
Day 4

Day 5: ATCs looking more the thing today. Added depth and edited down items.
day 5

Since I’m still processing my trip to Nepal, I decided to commemorate it with an Artist Trading Card (ATC) collage. Each of the nine cards can stand alone but together they tell a bit of the story of my travels in Nepal. I’m pleased about the way they are coming together. There’s dust and steel gray mountains and then some words and symbols that are significant to my trip.

Day 6: Sometimes making things is about prep work. Pulled pages out of the book I’m going to alter.
day 6

I’ve had some old hymnals from my church for a long time and have wanted to alter one. This daily practice seems like a great time to do that. I also worked on the ATCs on Day 6 but I am cutting paper for the last two cards and I didn’t make much noticeable progress.

Day 7: finished!
Day 7

Thoughts after the first week:

– This is first and foremost a project for me to connect with my creativity every day. I’m gonna make messes and decide to abandon projects. Some days what I produce will be pretty finished pieces. Some days what I produce will be crap. That’s the nature of creativity.

– In my mind I thought I’d be producing finished work every day. I don’t know why I thought that because I know better! I do tend to work in fits and starts but realistically I can’t complete something every single day. If I did, it’d take longer than 20-30 minutes per day and then I might not have anything to work on the next day.

– I’m going to jump around on projects as the spirit moves me. I thought about finishing each project before I started another but decided that there’d be no suspense for any of us in that case. Also, when I am working on layout, putting down the idea and then having the option to move it around before I glue it down is a nice thing.

– Someone asked me about purchasing work when I’m done with it and I was deeply flattered. I hadn’t thought about that at all when I started this project. Mostly I make things to make myself happy but if you see something that moves you, let me know and we can probably work out a deal. Truthfully, if a few of you purchase items that solves several problems for me: storage and cash for more $30 watercolor notebooks!

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  1. I might want to buy a watercolor notebook. Meanwhile enjoying your daily postings on twitter & FB.

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