Week 2 of Making Something Every Day

Week 2! Some days are good, some days are not so good but I’m enjoying the challenge of both doing something every day and coming up with something to do every day.

Day 8: Got a bit of grunt work done. Glued pages in altered book, gessoed a page in the new notebook.
day 8
Putting gesso on paper is so boring. Watching paint dry boring, in fact. I’m trying to get better about gessoing at the end of a session so that I have other productive work to show AND so I have a clean, dry place to work the next day. But hey, some days are just gonna be one offs of my supplies or my artist hands or maybe my very cute owl apron that LB got me a few years ago for my birthday. (That apron has been promoted out of the kitchen to Chief Operating Art Apron.)

Day 9: Performing for an audience is hard! Disgusted by my mistake. Going to bed.
day 9
I used the wrong color. I thought I remembered what ink I’d used before and when I started putting it on the page, I realized it was red instead of brown and then I had a big, bloody-looking mess. It was alcohol ink, so it was ON THERE and not coming off! I suppose something could be said here about the page being on communion and there being blood on the page but I don’t think I’m that symbolic.

Also learned that if I wait to do my 20 minutes at 9 o’clock I’m not gonna be happy with anything I do.

Day 10: Kissed and made up with my paint mistake from last night. Added a shell.
day 10
Day 11: Finished Art Journal Spread. See how I incorporated the paint mistake? No? Then I did alright.
day 11
So the next morning when I looked at the page with fresh eyes, I knew I could fix it. I toned it down a bit and stenciled over the top of the redish blotch. It looks like I meant to do that. 😉 But instead of showing that part on Day 10 I showed the other half of the page. You can see the whole thing on Day 11. I’m pleased with the way the pages came out and then having a place to write about my experiences with communion over the past several years.

Day 12: from time to time this year, I will be working out of this book.
day 12
Day 13: another zentangle day. Boy, do I need the drawing practice!
day 13
One Zentangle A Day is one of the books I got for Christmas. I knew it would come in handy this year. One Zentangle takes between 20-30 minutes. Perfect! I need the drawing practice so bad. I was marginally proficient in college but it was never my gift. It annoys me to no end, someone who is as arty as I supposedly am should be able to draw a passable sketch of anything. Which I can’t. At all. (Notice on Day 12 the snow collecting in the shrubbery outside the window. It lasted less than 24 hours.)

Day 14: I started this page in my art journal yesterday. Sorry the pic is a day late.
day 14
It is possible I skimped a bit on the 20 minutes on Saturday. I did do the bottom layer of this page on Saturday but by the time we got home from our marathon day, I forgot to snap a photo. Ah well, sometimes life keeps me busy.

Thoughts after the second week:

– I love getting to do this! Love it! Love! Someone said to me that it must be nice to have the time to do this sort of thing. Yes, yes it is and I do have slightly more free time than a lot of folks do. But seriously, if it’s something you love to do, you can make 20 minutes in your day for it. Stephen and I have long had a deal that when we are busy with some sort of deadline/project that we spend an hour working on it after the kids are in bed and then we get together to watch tv or play a game or just sit on the couch reading. We’ve been amazed over the years at what an hour a day can get you after a few weeks. Same with the 20 minutes.

-I think there is a misconception that art/artwork/craft is something that is done by inspiration alone. I know I fall into that trap from time to time. I think to myself, “They just have better ideas than I do.” But the reality is, it takes work every day. For artists who are making a living off of their art, it takes work every day, all day. And I find after two weeks that the more often I work creatively, the more easily the ideas come. The more ideas I have, the more likely it is for me to have a good one mixed in with all the mediocre ones. So art takes practice, just like playing an instrument or learning a sport. I’m ashamed that I’ve spent many years not exercising my creative muscle. Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions of being some hot shot artist but expressing myself creatively has been a part of my identity for most of my life so not using it for so long annoys me. But good news! This project is turning that around for me!

3 thoughts on “Week 2 of Making Something Every Day

  1. I am so glad you are doing this. I know you are enjoying it and so am I. It means I get to share a little bit your day and that makes me happy.

  2. Your story re-affirms the aphorisms I’ve picked up about writing. My long-time favorite is that writing is like yard-work: never finished, with more always waiting to be done. It also reminds me of the phrase “study habits”: the key is the habit part. Thanks for the reminder that a short time each day is creative heaven–and for sharing a bit of your creative heaven! The last one reminds me of your cafe table picture and that creative imperfection can become creative inspiration when allied with patience.

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