Week 3 of Making Something Every Day

So yeah. Three weeks done. I’m possibly a bit more pleased about that than I should be. I’ve been having fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into my world every day as well.

Day 15: A few more layers. Yesterday was stripes. Today was circles.
day 15
Day 16: Added words. Added more color! Will tone down the added color tomorrow.
day 16
Day 17: Got on a roll and didn’t want to quit! This is my theme quote from last week’s weekly post.
day 17
Day 18: Added a few finishing touches and I’m calling it done!
day 18
After talking about the practice of art last week, I decided to use a quote for my art journal and I picked Maya Angelou’s “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” (I have a Pinterest board dedicated to quotes that I like to use as thoughts in my journal.) I took the idea of the circles that I’d started on Day 2 in the old journal and worked with it in the background. I had a lot of fun with this spread and tried some text transfer techniques here.

Day 19: 2 ATCs I made playing around with some new supplies.
day 19
I have a ton of new supplies that I got for Christmas so I’m trying to see how I can use them.

Day 20: Outside of my art journal. All things made of this color set make me unreasonably joyful.
day 20
I should have taken a before photo of my art journal and I didn’t. It was tan canvas. I decided I’d liven it up a bit. After it got completely dry, I added a LOT more squiggles in various colors.

Day 21: Combining obsessions. Craft & Doctor Who. Now in an easy to use drink coaster.
day 21
I have several Doctor Who magazines I picked up a few years ago and I decided that cutting out of them for a project that I’d use and see everyday seemed like a worth while sacrifice. One of them is a gift and one I’m going to keep to go on my art table.

Thoughts after the third week:

– I found toward the end of the week this week that the act of coming to my work space, turning on some loudish music and putting on my apron is enough to start getting me into the creative zone. I can’t ever remember experiencing that before, although I’ve read about it working that way for lots of folks. I don’t want to elevate it too much but there is definitely the element of meditation to it that I’m starting to really enjoy.

– One day this week I tweeted, “One simple pleasure for me is looking down & seeing my hands covered in paint working on a another task. Reminds me of what else I do.” This has always been a silent thrill for me: to see paint on my hands. It feels like tangible evidence that I am a creative person. A mark that I am not just faking it but actually living the dream. There are lots of times when I could probably scrub my hands and get all of the paint off but I choose to leave it as a reminder to myself later in the day that I have a plan for tomorrow. I’ve taken a lot of photos over the years of the kids’ hands as they paint. We call those “artist fingers” around our house and it is a sign of creativity that I hope very much my children will remember when they are older.