Week 5 of Making Something Every Day

Day 29: New art shrine out of a cheese container. I’ll see what develops with it tomorrow.
day 29
Day 30, photo 1 of 2: A cheese box turned into an art shrine for my dog.
day 30-1
Day 30, photo 2 of 2: Inside the cheese box art shrine.
day 30-2
After Saturday night of the dog being so sick I didn’t know if she would make it or not, I was feeling sentimental about the corgi butt. She looks regal in this photo but most days, she’s all butt.

Day 31: Secret Valentine project. Shhh! Don’t tell @Sargent!
day 31
Day 32: Minor scissor accident slowed down secret project.
day 32
Shouldn’t I direct some of my making-stuff mojo towards making a Valentine’s card for Stephen? The scissor gods say no. After my injury I decided to abandon this line of crafting and go a different route. I saw something way cute on Pinterest I’m going to attempt.

Day 33: What can I say? I was listening to Nirvana while working on this and taking pain meds for my tooth.
day 33
Day 34: Piles of purple paper. Hope I can pull off what I’m attempting with this. More tomorrow.
day 34
This page in my art journal is going to hold one of Stephen’s favorite quotes. I’m going to attempt to piece together an image using all of those torn pieces of paper. I’m pondering the correct way to accomplish that.

Day 35: Liza and I visited @greenpeapress to make letterpress valentines.

day 35
Green Pea Press had a Walk-in Workshop for valentine making today. Liza and I headed over and enjoyed using their 100-year old letterpress. It was so much fun, I’m going to take a class there in March!

Thoughts for the week:

-I’ve never been awash in ideas I need to accomplish. I’ve always had one or two at a time and then I work on them to some sort of conclusion that I’m satisfied with. I won’t say I’m having lots of ideas while I’ve been doing this daily project but it’s made me see that I do have plenty of visual ideas that I’m interested in working on. Making the time to accomplish it is always a pressure but I’m getting better at it.

-Having Liza be a part of my crafting experiences is a lot of fun as well. Eli gets bored with these kinds of projects easily but today when Liza and I went to Green Pea, I was ready to go long before she was. In fact, her valentines look loads better than mine do. In many ways, she makes a better daily crafter than I do. I have all of these preconceived ideas and thoughts and she just starts gluing stuff down until she is happy with it. I enjoy that about her tremendously.

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  1. Having a traffic-jam of ideas in your head can be awesome as well as painful. I’ve had to greatly curtail my quilting because of the traveling I’ve been doing lately for work, and I’d just about kill to have more access to my sewing room.

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