Do Not Wake the Wallower

Last night Eli woke up around midnight, snuffling and crying. He’s been having some congestion. Is it from a small cold? Is he allergic to the cotton that grows all around us? Who knows! What I do know is that he was having trouble breathing and that woke him up.

We went in and patted him and rocked him and Misty sang to him and put him back into his bed. He continued whimpering, so after five minutes or so we came up with a plan. We would make up the guest bed and he could sleep with Misty.

While Misty made the bed I went into Eli’s room to get him. I would like to state for the record that I haven’t had to deal with a half-awake child in the middle of the night in a long time. I’m out of practice. That’s the only excuse I can come up with for me picking up my sleeping child and carrying him to Misty, thus waking him up.

Things devolved from there. I helped Misty and Eli get situated in bed, causing Eli to sit up and declare, “I wanna sleep in my bed.” We put him back in his bed, where he cried and shrieked for Mommy and Daddy. We went back in and moved Eli to the guest bed, at which point he again said, “I wanna sleep in my bed.” Toddlers! Isn’t it cure when they can’t make up their minds and it’s 1 AM and you know they won’t be happy with whatever decision they make? Ha! Ha!

I began to understand the true meaning of, “I’ll give you something to cry about!”

We made Eli sleep with Misty, which worked out okay until early in the morning when Eli began his morning ablutions, which consist of him winding himself in his blanket and wallowing around, smacking whomever is next to him, and eventually rolling off of the bed and onto the floor. “I fell offa bed and onna floor!” It’s all very cute if you’re not sleep deprived, which I suppose is the motto of parenthood. Kids should come home from the hospital with that tattooed on their diapered rears.

4 thoughts on “Do Not Wake the Wallower

  1. Wow! That’s our exact night night before last. Except Sam woke up multiple times instead of just one. Same story. Stuffy nose. Couldn’t breathe. Rocking, patting, etc. didn’t work. And, much like yours, my child refuses to sleep with us. I laugh when people say have you tried co-sleeping whenever Sam’s sleep issues crop up again. Oh, yes. Many times. Kid won’t do it. All this to say…even the Granade babies seem to share a brain. And I am so sorry. Sleep deprivation is the worst.

  2. I keep seeing this headline and thinking it says “wallflower.” Which, you must admit, hardly describes Eli!

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