Week 15 of Making Something Every Day

Day 99: Lotsa church today so I’m kicking back with the dog & some crochet while watching a movie with @Sargent.
day 99
It’s the crocheted shawl that will never end!

Day 100: I had anticipated celebrating my 100th day. Now, not so much. Finished piece.
day 100
Shocking day all the way around. It seemed callous to toot my own horn about my 100th day on such a sad day.

Day 101: Pulpo ATC. (Now with photo!)
day 101
I love the word pulpo. I don’t think I’m tired of it yet.

Day 102: I am covered in gold dust from today’s work. Magical moment.
day 102
I got some gold foil from my letterpress teacher. He was really curious to know what I was going to do with it without the letterpress. Answer: watch the flakes dance in the sunlight and admire it all over my hands.

Day 103: BIG piece: 18×24. Liza declared it needs a bird in the upper left.
day 103
Liza declared it, so now I’m looking for a bird. I haven’t found the right bird yet and it’s gonna have to be pretty big to fill that space…

Day 104: Dreaming of rest for Americans tonight.
day 104
Friday of one of the worst weeks I can remember in a long time. I was thinking about folks in Boston and West, TX and thinking that everyone in the country needed a bit of rest and a few moments to catch our breath.

Day 105: Traveler ATC.
day 105
Just liked this flower.

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