The Increasingly Long List of my Body Parts that Don’t Like to be Pregnant

When I was pregnant with Eli I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Some 28% of women develop carpal tunnel during pregnancy but it usually goes away after birth. Not so for me. I was one of the lucky few that got to keep the carpal tunnel as a parting gift. Now, I can’t complain too much because I fall into the high risk categories for carpal tunnel syndrome and managed to avoid it for many, many years before I was pregnant. I work at the computer A LOT. And when I’m not working on the computer, I do lots of crafts where I use my hands repetitively. So, okay, I’ve learned to manage this by going to the chiropractor. After two years I have gone from having pain in the outside three fingers of both hands for about 65-75% of the time down to an extremely manageable amount of pain in my left hand only for about 5% of the time, and I can predict with certainty which activities will cause the pain and try to avoid them. (Mostly holding the phone to my ear for hours at a time. I guess all those marathon phone chats while I was a teen didn’t do me any favors.)

So, on to this pregnancy. I have often claimed that we mothers block out the unpleasant events of both pregnancy and labor simply because if we remembered with any clarity what it was like we would never be pregnant again. I honestly don’t remember feeling this constantly rotten the first time around but Stephen claims that I did and that indeed I don’t remember how bad it was. I had morning sickness with Eli but on looking back it seemed much more manageable to me. I would feel queasy first thing in the morning, drink my orange juice, throw up said juice, and then be ready to roll for the day.

This time around I have near-constant nausea. I need to eat immediately in the morning to keep from feeling queasy. I can’t drink any artificial sweetener–that makes me queasy. Drinking drinks that are too sweet makes me queasy. Water tastes nasty. Cooking and smelling my own food makes me queasy (how wrong is that!?!?!) to the point that I then can’t eat the cooked meal without throwing it up. These past three weeks my diet has consisted almost entirely of fast food. I know, I know, great nutrition, but I promise I’ll do better when I don’t yack at every mention of spicy food.

Last night my left eye started itching. I’ve very careful with that sort of thing because I have very sensitive, specially made, fitted-specifically-for-my-eyeballs contact lenses. I’ve learned the hard way to not rub my eye when they itch because that leads to a torn contact and six weeks of waiting for a new contact to be hand lathed by the optometric elves and much extra $$$ being spent. So I went to take them out immediately. When I saw my eye in the mirror I nearly had a cow. The white part of my eye was bloody. I was concerned but I know the eye heals quickly so I thought I’d go to bed and see what it looked like this morning.

This morning, it looked better. So I threw my contacts in and started getting ready for the day. Within half an hour my eye had regressed and my contact was itching again. So I called my optometrist and they squeezed me in first thing this morning. And you guessed it, I have pregnancy-related sub-white-part-of-the-eye-hematoma. It’s from throwing up and coughing and it’s fairly common for women with morning sickness to have either one or both of their eyes do this.

The upside: no permanent harm. The bloody eye will go away in about two to three weeks. I can put cold eye drops in my eye and put an ice pack on it a couple of times a day to reduce the swelling.

The downside: no contacts for a week. That in and of itself is nearly capital punishment to me.

Stay tuned for which body part goes next! It’ll probably be my mind, so comfort Stephen while you can.

8 thoughts on “The Increasingly Long List of my Body Parts that Don’t Like to be Pregnant

  1. Funny. When I asked you about morning sickness a little more than a year ago, you had a more complete list about what you went through.

  2. Belated congratulations! You go a week without checking in & look what happens.

    I remember eating potato chips for dinner on several occasions b/c that was all I could stomach. And they all 3 seem to be fairly unscathed so far. Grace & Morgan didn’t think it was fair that I got to have chips for dinner and they didn’t, but hey, I’m the mommy. Whatever it takes to survive and save your eyeballs.

  3. Yeah, when I start listing what I eat right now it sounds like that lean cuisine commercial of the women trying to outdo each other for crappiest diet.

  4. I have often claimed that we mothers block out the unpleasant events of both pregnancy and labor simply because if we remembered with any clarity what it was like we would never be pregnant again.

    You aren’t the only person that I’ve heard say that, and I expect that it’s true, regardless of whether or not you’ve blogged it, even. [I hope that you’re better soon, Misty.]

  5. Kat & Joyce,
    Lots of women never experience the things I’ve had happen to me. You could go your whole pregnancy without ever even feeling queasy, which of course means no eyeball issues. And for me, the first three months are the worst, at least they were with Eli and I’m hoping that in about two weeks that I won’t remember what the last month felt like. Again, that’s the beauty of the whole thing. You may feel like crap on a stick for a while but you do forget it or at least the intensity of it.

    I tell these stories to help me remember later. It is in no way supposed to be a cautionary tale to others. Besides, if I don’t poke some fun at it all I’ll just be miserable and trying to take care of a toddler and alone in my house all day. Laughing at it and reading people’s comments in response keeps me sane.

  6. Kat and Joyce,
    It is true what Misty says. Not everyone experiences what she has gone through. I count myself lucky in that so far, I have not had any morning sickness to speak of. Yes, there have been a couple attacks of near-vomiting, but that is all. However, back pain is something I have but Misty does not.

    So, don’t let some of the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy keep you from having kids. It will be worth it in the end.

    Misty, I hope your bloody eyeball heals soon and that you get to feeling better 🙂

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