Week 20 of Making Something Every Day

Day 134: Near to calling this one done.
day 134
day 134b
Here’s the finished project in my kitchen. Between the picture and my new island, it’s like I got a whole new kitchen! Enjoying all of it!

Day 135: Amster ATC. I feel like I should ship it to @mamster since it has his name on it.
day 135
Our friend, Matthew Amster-Burton, is a food writer and he is hilarious! I was lucky enough to get to cook test some of the recipes in his book, Hungry Monkey. So when I saw this stamp with “Amster” on it, I immediately thought of him.

Day 136: I’m making a doily for the tire on the back of my car.
day 136
day 136b
I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out! I do feel really conspicuous now driving my car. I previously drove a Buick Le Sabre and it was the stealth-mobile. No one ever noticed me or if they did, they assumed I was 75 years old and driving 15 miles under the speed limit. Now I am zippy! And also peppy! And kinda (not really) hip with the cool tire cover. Whatever. I love it and my kids can find the car now in the Target parking lot where I am parked with the other 800 CR-Vs. And that’s all that matters.

Day 137: Having a really hard time getting motivated by the artsy business this week. ATC with a stamp and lotsa black.
day 137
Mid-week slump maybe? I don’t know. Part of it was I was having a really cool conversation with Jeanetta about postcards and so I wanted to make postcards but thought I should make something else since I made so many postcards the past couple of weeks.

Day 138: Back on a postcard kick! I’ll cut this page down to at least 6 cards!
day 138
So instead of fighting my postcard impulse, I embraced it!!

Day 139: Worked longer than 20 today but I was on a roll!
day 139
Obviously, going with the impulse is the key to more work!

Day 140: PC with 1 of my favorite quotes. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe
day 140
I am going to start paying Reneé to do my hand lettering for me. I should totally practice that. The problem is, my carpal tunnel hates it when I hold a pen for more than about a minute. Ugh! In my next life, I won’t waste so much time on cross-stitch.

This week!
My brainstorm this week was that I should have put the day# on the back of all of this work. Fine idea to have on Day 140!