bucket of babies again

since most of you did not seem to care about the depraved bucket of babies i will not tell you how mj has gone on a rampage and now i have a box of wipes of babies.

6 thoughts on “bucket of babies again

  1. Eli,
    Hey, it’s your fan, Alana! I saw two little girls that I hope you can be friends with someday. One is named Grace and she is older than you. There is another one, almost your size named Morgan. She is quieter than you, but I’m sure you could share toys. Grace could supervise because she likes to do that kind of thing, I think.
    Oh, yeah, their mom is friends with mj and I.

    Try to steer clear of the containers of babies.


  2. Eli, I would love to hear about the box of wipes of babies. Maybe this next weekend you can share that with me in secret. It will be just mine and your secret.
    Mama Ray

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