Friday Night Videos: Politics

The Pinker Tones: Karma Hunters (2006)

Get this out of your head. I dare you. Then remember: you gotta vote for the Instant Karma Party right now.

The Decemberists: Sixteen Military Wives (2005)

The genius of this video is recasting UN-style political wrangling as a battle among high school cliques. Watch how sanctions, weapons inspections, and more are translated into school events.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Politics

  1. (finally catching up)

    Sixteen Military Wives:
    The video really is quite clever. Oddly enough, I actually found myself hooked by the song as well. It’s not what I normally like, but this one grabbed me.

  2. Eli’s a big fan as well. From time to time he’ll bust out with the “la de da, de da, de dih de dih de daaaah” part.

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