Week 22 & 23 of Making Something Every Day

Day 148: love, love, love this Nepal Hamilton postcard.
day 148

Day 149: Trying desperately to get a baby afghan done before the baby arrives. Still got more work to do tomorrow.
day 149

Day 150: Green stamp postcard. Also, day 150!
day 150

Day 151: Autumnish background for something yet to be decided.

Day 152: Postcard with red glitter.
day 152

Day 153: Made 7 daisy bouquets for Liza’s Girl Scout troop. (Notice her new cute hair!)
day 153

Day 154: This week: zentangle daily tweets because we are at Disney!
day 154

Day 155: So tired today that I’m embarrassed to show my scribbles.
day 155

Day 156: So close to the end of this baby blanket! Only 5 rounds to go!
day 156

Day 157: Lego car that I didn’t take a photo of. (Thanks to @jeanettadarley for the reminder!)

Oh, what a fantastic vacation we had! Oh, how the “Make Something Every Day Project” suffered! I was determined to work in the evenings after the kids went to bed but after we put the kids to bed, we zonked out as well. Between the walking with a pack all day in the heat and the over stimulation, I was done in the evenings and didn’t have any creative mojo.

I’m going to pick up at Day 158 and keep on working.