Week 25 of Making Something Every Day

Day 165: Collaborative postcard effort with Liza Lou. Good Times.
day 165
I painted the background and she found the postcard in my stash. She asked if she could draw on it. I said sure! She hauled it all the way to Disney and sometime during the car ride, drew on it. When we got home, I found it in her backpack and I asked her if I could add a few things to it. So this is our finished collaborative piece. I’d like to do it again but I’m not sure we’d be as successful if I were more intentional about it the second time.

Day 166: pink flower postcard.
day 166

Day 167: Trying out a new stencil/ink technique I saw on @Pinterest.
day 167
Here’s the tutorial I found on Pinterest. Honestly, I didn’t scratch the surface of this technique and it’s quite cool. I need to practice and see what I can come up with.

Day 168: Finished commissioned shawl and now I’m enjoying picking out a new project.
day 168
Sometimes you just need a cool photo of yarn.

Day 169: The Sea ATC.
day 169

Day 170: Blue ATC.
day 170

Day 171: I don’t know what I was thinking when I started but I ended up with a background panel to a Batman comic.
day 171
I tried to leave some of my work space in this photo so you could see how big it is. It’s 18×24 inches. So quite a bit bigger than I’ve been working lately. I do know what I was thinking originally, I was thinking I’d make a book like I did back Week 7. But then I started squeezing black and purple paint out there and it kinda got away from me. I like it though. I don’t know where it’s going but I’m guessing I’ll come up with something by tomorrow.

This week!
My mom asked me how I was going to sustain the daily project when I came to Arkansas for a visit later this summer. She pointed out that it seemed like I’d turned something fun into the equivalent of piano lessons. I’ve been thinking about that a lot because it’s a pretty apt analogy. Daily practice on the piano allows you to become more proficient at reading music, builds muscle memory, and gets you in the zone for playing. Tell me if I’m wrong, Andrew Granade, but this seems like pretty much the same thing. My daily art practice allows for proficiency using my tools, allows me to creatively solve visual problems, and gives me work practice. And I am having fun. Yes, it’s something I’ve promised to do everyday but it’s something I WANT to do everyday. (Mostly. For the days that I may not be quite feeling it or I’ve run out of time, those turn into yarn days. Now you know my secret.)

For a really long time, I called myself an artist in my head but didn’t spend much time doing any actual art. I now have 171 days of work. Some of it is really good and I love it and I’ve sold it! Some of it is not so good. I can admit it because the daily practice has allowed me some distance from it. It’s hard to get too emotional over the most recent piece when I have to come up with something to do tomorrow!

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have a song called “10,000 Hours” and they seem to dig art because they mention art and artists in several of their songs. Here’s a couple of lines from “10,000 Hours”: “The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint
The greats were great cause they paint a lot” It’s become sort of a mantra for me when I start work for the day. Don’t we all have to practice what we want to be? No matter what it is?