Week 27, 28 & 29 (Holy Cow, I’m late!) of Making Something Every Day

We’ve been on the road a lot this July so my daily posts just kept piling up. For three weeks. I feel sorta bad about it but mostly I’m proud that during all of this travel, I still managed to do work nearly every day.

Week 27
Day 179: Scrap granny square blanket started.
day 179

Day 180: You’ll dream about that box.

Day 181: My workout at the Y today. šŸ™‚

Day 182: I think this one might be a goner.
day 182

Day 183: added some additional white and now thinking of collage elements.
day 183

Day 184: 2 more squares to add to my growing stash.

Day 185: Wander ATC with my new traveling art kit!
day 185

Week 28
Day 186: Sunshine Fun ATC.
day 186

Day 187: In honor of traveling to my home state: Discover Arkansas ATC.
day 187

Day 188: Embrace Beauty ATC.
day 188

Day 189: Sing ATC.
day 189

Day 190: Remember ATC.
day 190

Day 191: Voyage Art Trust ATC.
day 191

Day 192: Explore Imagine Dream Pug postcard.
day 192

Week 29
Day 193: Photo at dusk from inside James Turrell’s The Way of Color.
day 193

Day 194: @Sargent and the Rothko at @crystalbridges.
day 194

Day 195: 50 of 120 squares done and got my next batch of colors picked out.
day 195

Day 196: food is my creativity today.
day 196

Day 197: Mercy postcard.
day 197

Day 198: cheesy commemoration for girl’s weekend ATC.
day 198

Day 199: Friendship tag (6×3″)
day 199

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