Week 34 of Making Something Every Day

Day 230: One Wish Postcard.
day 230
Last week I talked about the pieces that I wonder later who made that super cool thing. ‘One Wish’ is that for me this week.

Day 231: 9 new postcard backgrounds.
day 231
On the Mommies Run Away from Home weekend trip to Pigeon Forge, we went to the scrapbook outlet and I got some old newspaper pages. I cut those up and glued them to a piece of watercolor paper. I added my favorite brown, bronze, yellow and green paints then cut them up for postcard backgrounds. They ROCK as postcard backgrounds and I am inordinately pleased that I had the foresight on that shopping trip to buy a bunch of that paper.

Day 232: France Postcard.
day 232
Lots of folks oohed and aahed over this one on Facebook.

Day 233: Youthful Days postcard.
day 233
Ahh, the good old days. Funny how we collectively remember times past in a way that is sometimes completely inaccurate.

Day 234: Friends postcard.
day 234
Love how the colors came together in this one.

Day 235: New, tiny art journal! 5.5×8″ spread. Accidentally started at the back, resulting inspirational end quote!
Day 235
I bought this tiny little book in the Dealer’s Room at Dragoncon. It was the first time an art supply store had a table and I thought it was so brilliant I had to support it. I wanted to give this little book a try since I had such a hard time art journaling in my larger format book. It’s closer to the postcard size I’ve been working on so it makes me feel more comfortable with the space. Maybe I can work my way up the sizes. Also, since I accidentally started painting at the back of the book, I flipped it around and then had to come up with something to end the book with. It’s twice as funny to me since it’s actually the first page in the book I made.

Day 236: “Mom, you should write ‘Be kind to people.’ in your little book.”
day 236
I sat down at my art table this morning before the kids went out to the bus. I wanted to get a background started so it could be drying while I waited with them outside. She told me I should write ‘Be kind to people.’ I thought it was a fitting way to start the book and a fitting thought for September 11. So I added some butterflies, since those are her favorites, and there it was.

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  1. Wow… thank you for sharing those! I can’t catch every day when you post them, so it’s nice to see them all in one location.

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