Week 35 of Making Something Every Day

Day 237: I dream in CMYK.
day 237

Day 238: Treasured ATC.
day 238

Day 238b: Liza brings her journal home from school and @Sargent & I write in it. Here’s art I did for her this week.
day 238b

Day 239: Explore the Minor Chord postcard.
Day 239

Day 240: Circles pages.
day 240

Day 241: 1 of 4 mock ups for a soon-to-be-announced project.
day 241

Day 242: Peacock stitch blankie.
day 242

Day 243: All 4 mock ups of the soon to be announced project.
Day 243

It’s been a crazy ride this week! So here’s the big announcement: I’ve been asked to do four paintings for our church sanctuary to hang during Advent (4 weeks before Christmas). Each painting is 4 feet by 3 feet. The first is hope and is purple, the second is peace, also purple, the third is joy, it’s pink, and the last is love, also purple. I’ve been painting like mad because they all have to be finished before I head to Nepal at the beginning of November. So stand by for the next few weeks to be nonstop purple extravaganza in my daily posts! I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand to be around myself!