Year 2 of Making Something Every Day

Since returning from Nepal, I’ve thought a lot about if I would continue making something every day. Frankly the decision wasn’t all that hard.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me about the year and what it’s meant to me. Every time I’ve responded that I’ve loved this year. I’ve love the freedom to spend time on creative things combined with the structure of every day. I feel like the body of work I’ve produced in this past year allows me to call myself an artist.

When I started, I wanted to work every day. That was the goal. To be in practice every day and to recognize and call out for myself when I accomplished that. From that perspective, I feel like the year was a success. My end total was 303 days out of 365. The only thing I would change would be the number of days that I wasn’t able to work or the work I did was crochet instead of paper and paint. A challenge for the next year, right?

So I will be continuing with a second year of Making Something Every Day. Here’s a refresher of the guidelines:
• Every day.
• 20 minutes.
• Post a photo.
• No more than 2 yarn posts per 7 days.

I’m adding one more thing. I want to finish 4-6 larger pieces of work this year so I will add that as a guideline. I finished several large pieces this year, but it wasn’t intentional at all.