Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 1

For Christmas, Amy bought us the Delicious Library software that Stephen talked about here.

So tonight, we (Geof and I, Stephen was doing REAL work) began scanning in books. We completed six shelves for a total of 247 books. I’m not sure why I feel that this project must be completed above all others, especially when we have so many baby-related tasks that need to be done. It’s probably nesting of some sort. Mostly I want it to be done so I can put it on the website. I’m also not sure what the use of that is, but I desperately want you all to be able to peer into our library. Like you care. But hey, if you ever want to buy us a gift, you’ll know what we already have!

So here are some random statistics from the library project:

  • 204 of 247 books belong to Stephen.
  • 43 of 247 books belong to Misty.
  • 0 of 247 books belong to Eli, so far.
  • 246 of 247 books live in our guest room. Who knows where they will be moving to before Baby TBA gets here.
  • 1 random book scanned from the office.
  • 8 books by Clifford D. Simak.
  • 7 books by George Alec Effinger.
  • 7 books by Terry Prachett. And we haven’t even gotten to the Prachett shelf in the living room.
  • 11 books were judged unworthy and discarded.

Would anyone like to start a betting pool on how many books there are in this house? And how many belong to Stephen? 😉

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