and the Comparisons Begin

Something I wasn’t prepared for at all. This baby already has a personality of his/her own. How can I tell, you ask? Well, for starters Eli kicked like a soccer player: short, sharp kicks and repeated often. Mostly at night, much to Stephen’s annoyance. This kid is a water ballet specialist. He/she floats, swims, pushes off from one side and rebounds on the other. I often feel like one of those clear plastic bags you get fish in. If only we could as easily peer in and see what the gender is!

The doctor assures me that this baby is doing great. However, it’s hard to not feel as if something is wrong given the huge differences I feel almost hourly. The other day as he/she was sloshing about I thought to myself, “This isn’t like Eli at all!” and I felt a moment of panic that I was comparing this kid to the one I already know so well.

2 thoughts on “and the Comparisons Begin

  1. I’m certain that it is difficult to make comparisons. I do that with cycles. For instance in October I was nauseas from ovulation on and I got pregnant that time, even if it wasn’t viable. Last month no nausea, and this month it’s back. So maybe something is different this month that wasn’t last month… yeah, I know, it’s hard not to do the analyzing of these things.

  2. Thought I would clarify that I do not think I’m having (or had in October’s case) pregnancy symptoms this early. Just something about the different hormones from the medication causing the symptoms.

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