Friday Night Videos: Robotic 2

There can never be too many robots, which is why I’m repeating this category to bring you:

Beck: Hell Yes (2004)

They’re so cute! They dance! They carry fans! Don’t you want to take them home with you? This video is enough to make you love robots.

The Chemical Brothers: Believe (2005)

If the Beck video makes you love robots, this video will remind you that they are soul-less creatures that will destroy us all given half a chance. I bet those robots are why the man in this video has a cast on his wrist.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Robotic 2

  1. Hm. In the Beck video, those robots do not look CGI at all, especially with the camera flashes going off them every so often. It appears to me that the guy in the second video is overstressed from too much work.

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