apples and indian food and stamps

today we went to an orchard. [i didn’t really do this today it was last thursday but we are pretending that today is last thursday.] they had apples that we got to pick, though i stayed all bundled up in my stroller because the wind was very cold. there was this other toddler there i tried to talk to but she was shy.

before that we ate at an indian restaurant. all of the waiters kept coming over to say hi. i think it is because my personality is magnetic. mj and bg and ua and aj were there. i sometmes call aj jukebox joy because she has a song for everything. there is a song for putting things away and a song for standing and a song for dancing. there is even a song for pooping but ua played that one on his computer for me. it is called the poopsmith song and i think it is available online but i do not know where from. but i think aj/jj knows all of these songs because she does this thing called kindermusik which is german for ‘drivers wanted’ or something.

we also went to a stamp store where they also has stuffed animals. there was this octopus puppet who was very cool but no one bought it for me. they did buy me this illinois shirt at another store but i don’t understand why the college would not pay you to wear it since it is advertising for the college. i do not even know if illinois is a good school or anything.

anyway that is mostly what we did today.

5 thoughts on “apples and indian food and stamps

  1. Also, wait: an octopus as a college mascot? You visited Miskatonic University?

    Well, I guess that would make sense: you are ‘s spawn.

  2. aj is aunt joy and ua is uncle andrew. i think they are related to dad or something. ua certainly laughs just like bg.

    i don’t think the octopus was a mascot or anything, i think it was a random octopus puppet. it was in a different store than my illinois shirt. the store with the illinois shirt also had a baby book that had pictures of lincoln and indians and assembly hall.

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