amish party

today that was last saturday was very busy. aj had had a quilt made from a nearby group of people called the amish. evidently they are different or something since mj and bg went and watched this film at a place called the illinois amish interpretive center. it makes it sound like the amish were going to speak a strange language and have to be interpreted but the ones we saw spoke english just fine.

they weren’t very exciting though. lunch at a restaurant kept me awake for a while as i got some of the food everyone was eating though not a lot of food. and there was this baby i wondered about eating but she was bigger than me. i would have had to do a stealth attack and cull her from the herd but that is hard to do when you are in a high chair and straps are holding you there.

so anyway the amish weren’t exciting and they made me fall asleep after lunch.

i just realized that that might be very mean especially if any amish read this. so amish i apoligize for you being not exciting.

that night was exciting though, because my fans came by. there was jamie and matt and andy and maria and they totally watched me stomp around and go ‘bbbbbbbbbbb’. they were easily entertained. then it got late and i went to bed. everyone must have left at that point because they didn’t have anything to do after they could not watch me any more.

4 thoughts on “amish party

  1. Don’t worry, buddy. The Amish have always bored me.

    [Look what you made me do—you made me get a LiveJournal account! Boo on you.]

  2. The evening did go downhill pretty rapidly after you went to bed. Your folks are pretty cool, but how can they hope to compete with stomping around and going ‘bbbbbbbbbbb’?

    It was a pleasure for us to meet you!

    -Andy & Maria

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