Belated Baby Update

I went to the doctor on Thursday and all is well with Baby TBA. My blood pressure is good, which in the past has been a concern but it seems when I am pregnant I am in great health. Well, except for the yacking (which is now pretty intermittent, thankfully). I had lost another pound which my doctor thought was fantastic (I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight) and she seems to think that I will drop 20 lbs. with the baby. That would be awesome as far as I’m concerned, but I’m not holding my breath. The baby is much stronger now and is doing less swimming and more outright kicking. While we were in Boston, she actually woke me up one night kicking, so I guess she’s growing.

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the thought of having a girl. I was so sure it’d be another boy that it’s been hard to start thinking in girly terms. I guess ultimately there shouldn’t be any differences. You just love them for the people that they are and gender isn’t an issue. But I have to say I’m a bit miffed that I have to start saving for that wedding. I also have to remind myself that the anxiety that I feel now about who this person will be is exactly the same as what I felt about Eli. I came to love him quite a lot and it will be the same with this girl. I don’t know if my ambivalence is something that a lot of women feel while pregnant and they just don’t talk about it much or if I’m strange. It seems that I must be a least a little bit strange because most women always seem so excited about the prospect of a baby. And I usually am very excited, when it’s someone else. It’s just for myself that I’m not especially thrilled for. But with Eli that changed about two seconds after he got here. So again, I’m sure that will be the case here.

No, we haven’t talked about names much. We are holding onto the girl name we picked when I was pregnant with Eli. I have been calling her that name in my head to see if it fits. However, Eli was going to be Jack right up until I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant and then we changed our minds and chose Eli. But we don’t really have a list. Suggestions are always welcome but no promises that we’ll use your suggestion of Mazie or Zed. Extra points are awarded for names with Zs, Qs, and Xs. I have had Zoe on my mind but since there is now a Sesame Street puppet with that name, I’m less enamored with it.

My mom is visiting this weekend so we’re going to be doing some work on the baby’s room. I guess I should take some pre-baby photos so I can post them and then have some after photos as well. It was such a lovely guest room…

11 thoughts on “Belated Baby Update

  1. I *love* ‘Zoe.’ It has a good sound as well as a good meaning. Puppet or no puppet, it’s a favorite of mine.

    For Q – Quinn and a lifetime of my sharing all my ‘Q’ stuff with her 😉

    Xenia’s about the best ‘x’ name for a girl I can think of…

    For Z – Zara or Zelda or the aforementioned Zoe.

  2. Since Jack made the list for male names, you can always go for his female counterpart… Chloe.

    I can just picture it… little Jack Bauer Granade! 😀

  3. I have a few Z names in Arabic that I like for girls.

    Zara: blossom
    Zarina: golden
    Zayna: graceful

    I tried convincing J of some of these names but he didn’t really go for them, so you are welcome to them.

    No Qs or Xs, sorry.

  4. I think Zoe is a fantastic name, despite the Sesame Street character. If it helps, there are are plenty of other characters in other shows with a Zoe name, including Firefly and Dr Who.

  5. Zoe is Greek for “life,” which is an excellent baby name!

    I feel compelled to add that I paid for my own wedding. Save for a college education instead. (Though I paid my way on that, too, so who’s to say?)

  6. [Hey, did Remy steal Rick’s computer and post as him? I’m just curious.]

    I have no names to suggest. I’m lame. But I’m here to note that I realized this morning that a family at church named their two sons Zach and Quinn. I’m thinking that they play Scrabble at that house.

  7. Names starting with Q, X and Zs eh?
    Unique…but no easy task.

    What about Xanthia or Xenia?

    Don’t have any suggestions for Q and Z yet.

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