Soda and Presidents Don’t Mix

I don’t talk a lot about politics in this blog. In this instance, though, I’m going to make an exception for an issue that is too important not to.

Propaganda poster against John Scalzi for SFWA president

This is so inside baseball that you’re practically staring through cracks in the leather and past the red stitching. Here’s the synopsis. John Scalzi, a science fiction writer, recently declared himself a write-in candidate for the SFWA presidency, SFWA being the professional organization for writers of science fiction and fantasy. In response, several of his readers created campaign posters, including some excellent remixed propaganda posters by Theo Black.

More recently, as part of his reader request week, he explained why he didn’t like coffee. He’s also admitted his Coke Zero addiction to SFWA members. Put all of this together and, well, I felt the need to play with Photoshop and Illustrator for several hours last night.

Ah, the skills I’ve learned while making videos for Dragon*ConTV.

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