Eli Sings (Though Not the Blues)

I’m always hesitant about showing Eli singing, since you never know when Simon Cowell will unleash a verbal smackdown in response, but what the hey. I’m enjoying posting audio clips, and Eli sings a lot.

First up is his rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.
[audio:twinkle twinkle little star.mp3]

Next up is what happens when he’s feeling silly: he substitutes other words for “star” and makes up rhymes around them.
[audio:twinkle twinkle little fish.mp3]

When I was trying to get him to sing, he made up a song about frogs.
[audio:frog onna log.mp3]

Finally, for an encore, here is Eli singing “Such Great Heights”.
[audio:such great heights.mp3]

8 thoughts on “Eli Sings (Though Not the Blues)

  1. This is absolutely delightful. When he is an adult, this post will be priceless and probably a little bit embarrassing to Eli.

  2. I’m holding out for his rendition of “Roxanne”. I mean, we might have to wait another year or two for his pipes to handle the growl at the top of the range, but it’s gonna be WORTH IT.

  3. Oh man… that was wonderful! Travon sings constantly also, but he does it in that swooping rockstar-like voice. I should get a hidden microphone going sometime just so I can tape him and embarrass him in front of his prom date some day.

  4. OMG.

    I think my life is complete, now that I’ve heard Eli singing Such Great Heights. And I’m not even kidding all that much.

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