The Playset

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been a bit busy trying to get a handle on having two kids. I know that some stuff won’t get done so that I have both hands free for them. But I’m still not sure how to manage day to day yet. I do know that sleeping and showering are very high on my list of to dos though and as soon as I figure out how to cram those two things into my super full day, I’ll be all set!

We have spent a lot of time outside yesterday and today on Eli’s new playset. I know lots of you have been anxious to see the construction of the monstrosity so here are the photos of the playset construction. There’s a couple of things left to do but I think Stephen and Andrew are going to take care of those this weekend.

(I’ve moved our photos over to flickr but I’ve not had a lot of time to devote to figuring out how it works. My apologies for the photos being out of order.)

2 thoughts on “The Playset

  1. Misty: The Organizr will re-order those for you very easily. Just hit Organize, go to Sets, pull up the set, and tell it to list them Oldest First. 🙂

  2. OMG! More Granades! You people are turning up everywhere in Blogland!! Congrats on the new kid. We’ve got 2 and the good news is it gets to where they bug each other instead of you! Hope y’all are well!

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