All Granades Love a Good Book


Stephen was only home for about an hour last night out of his 20 hour day. I managed to snap these few photos of him and the kids playing on Eli’s bed.

6 thoughts on “All Granades Love a Good Book

  1. Great book, too!
    ‘If you give a moose a muffin’ is a favorite in our household too.

    First comment here, all the way from Portland, OR. came for the LOLtrek some time ago, stayed for the family talk… (I have a 3.5 && a 5 mos old)

  2. Ben,

    Glad to have you! Our babies are almost the same age. When is your older one’s birthday? Eli’s is Feb. 6.

    We don’t have Muffin Moose but we do have several in the “Give a X a Y” series. They have always been well read around here but the school/mouse one has been a favorite the past few days.

  3. I am betting that has a kids sections, not sure the the fam has put the kiddie book on there yet….

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