Songs That Must Be Added to Rock Band

I doubt this will surprise many of you, but we here at the Granade household like to rock out as much as the next Granade household. And nothing helps us rock out like Guitar Hero.

Harmonix and MTV are now working on Rock Band, which expands the concept of Guitar Hero to include bass, drums, and vocals. Four people can rock out together. It’s like being in a band, only you don’t have to tell the drummer how much his original compositions suck.

We now know what some of the songs will be, from classics like The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and the Rolling Stones’s “Gimme Shelter” to more recent songs like OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”. The current list is just fine, I’m sure, but it doesn’t really have everything I’m looking for in a truly rocking game.

In fact, here are three songs that need to be included in Rock Band, in increasing order of rockingness.

3. Swingin’, by John Anderson (covered by The Johnston Brothers)

2. My Pal Foot Foot, by The Shaggs

1. If, by Bread

Harmonix has a whole forum for suggesting songs to be included in Rock Band. What are you waiting for? Get over there and let’s put John “Not the One From Yes” Anderson, The Shaggs, and Bread over the top!

Yes, I suppose you could suggest other songs as well. If you must.

4 thoughts on “Songs That Must Be Added to Rock Band

  1. Years ago, when I last sang in a college choir, we did an arrangement of If. It was one of my favorite songs of the set. Watching the video brought back some good memories.

  2. I think that if you perform REALLY bad while playing Rock Band, the game should enforce a nasty punishment: you would be forced to sing/play “Seasons in the Sun.” -M

  3. Punishment idea is good … Try alternating verses of Afternoon Delight and the Pina Colada Song … and the chorus of Timothy. Ouch…

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