I’m Starting to Hate Fridays

When I was a little kid, I hated Sunday nights. Worrying about going back to school on Mondays would make me almost physically ill. Not that there was anything I had to worry about at school really, I just dreaded giving up the leisure of the weekend. I hated getting started back on the weekday schedule and facing whatever unexpected excitement life had to throw at me.

I’m starting to feel that dread now on Thursdays. Last Friday our house got struck by lightning. The good news on that front is that we already got some money to fix the attic exhaust fan that was fried from the strike. We still haven’t heard from the Content Adjuster but I’m guessing we’ll hear from her early this next week and get started on the process of deciding what all our 5+ years old electronic equipment is worth.

Yesterday afternoon started out pleasant enough. Stephen got home early from an unusually long work week. Liza had taken good naps and was interested in hanging with dad. A friend from church brought us belated baby dinner so I didn’t have to cook last night. But as we were sitting down for after dinner play I heard the thunder. I had a moment of panic at the sound.

Nothing came of it and we did our usual process of going to bed at about 10 pm.

I woke up to the sound of thunder around 1:30 am. Big rumbling booms and long sustained flashes of lightning that lit up our bedroom. At first I just stayed in bed and waited for the rain, hoping the thunder and lightning would pay off. Then I heard Liza. The tiniest Granade had never heard thunder before. I went and cleaned up her 97th dirty diaper of the day and nursed her. Sometime in there the rain came. When it was time to rock her for her to go back to sleep, I turned her over to Stephen.

I went around the house peering out the windows to see the rain. Looking out my bedroom window I realized that Eli’s kiddy pool had blown off with the approaching storm. I went around again opening the blinds trying to see where it went. I told Stephen that I had decided to poke my head out the garage to see if it was leaning up against the garage door. I opened the garage door and the pool fell into the garage. I grabbed a few other of Eli’s toys from outside so they wouldn’t get carried away.

It was 2:45 by the time we both got back in bed.

Liza started grumping about 3:15. She sounded so loud, it was if she were in bed with us. I reached over and turned the monitor down hoping she might miraculously figure out how to fall asleep on her own while I was trying to get some sleep. I had just muttered to Stephen at 3:45 that I wasn’t going in to her until she actually cried when she did. I went in to find her at the very end of the crib, one arm hanging out with her face all but pressed to the monitor that sits on the shelf just outside her crib. Her arm was stuck and once I untangled her she was happy to see me.

I changed another dirty diaper and sat down to see if she was hungry. (She typically only nurses once a night, if at all and it’s usually around 3:30. She had nursed at 2 and it was barely 4, so I wasn’t sure what she would do. She ate of course. She takes after me in that way.) I fell asleep sitting up in recliner while she was eating. Once she was finished eating, I fell asleep again while she was sitting up trying to burp. I got back in bed at 5:15.

At 5:45 Eli came in and wanted to start the day.

I spent five minutes convincing him it was still nighttime. I crawled back into bed. Eli came in to chat with us about eight times between 6 am and 7:30 am, when I finally got up to start the day.

Our sad, brown lawn has turned insta-green with the application of rain. No appliances were damaged during the storm. The only thing hurt was my REM cycle. Maybe I can convince Stephen that I get a nap this afternoon.

If you are looking for me next Friday, I’ll be huddled in my closet praying for no rain.

5 thoughts on “I’m Starting to Hate Fridays

  1. I was thinking about you guys last night when the storm was raging so hard here that I couldn’t even hope to sleep. I was getting lightning strikes less than a quarter-mile from me about once a minute at the peak. Normally that doesn’t worry me, but man, y’all’s experience had me freaked out.

    The really perverse thing is that the rain was falling so fast that it just flash flooded around here—we need it so bad, and it just ran off. :sigh:

  2. After last week y’all had me paranoid too. I wasn’t going to bed until the time the storm hit and I actually unhooked the coax cable in the living room to protect all the goodies.

    Ah well, a little paranoia does the soul good, right?

  3. Sean and I are talking about putting in one of the surge protectors at our breaker box now because of what you guys experienced. It won’t protect the cable stuff, but it will protect everything else.

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