Stephen Talks Science at Dragon*Con

I’m going to be on three science-oriented panels at Dragon*Con, pretending that I know things. If any of you are there, stop by and say hey. My talks are:

Friday, 1:00pm
Forsythe (in the Hilton)
The President says we’re going back to the Moon and then to Mars AND with manned crews. How hard will it be to get back to where we were when NASA ended the moon missions? How close are scientists to all the technology that will be needed to get to Mars and back? All your questions answered on plans to put man beyond Earth orbit – again.

Bose-Einstein Condensates, Fermi Superfluid Gases, and Other Weird States of Matter
Friday, 5:30pm
Henry (in the Hilton)
How you can cool atoms, make quantum fluids, and win a Nobel Prize. Note: Nobel Prize not included with talk.

Can This Hubble Be Saved?
Sunday, 2:30pm
Forsythe (in the Hilton)
We all love the Hubble Space Telescope, but it’s been sick for a while now. What are NASA’s plans for it, at least right this minute, and what can be done to make it easier to fix later?

I’m still giggling over being considered a space expert, but other than that, it should be fun. And look! I even have a bio up for the talks.

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  1. You talking about the third answer is as biased as if I were talking about the first. But I have no Ph.D., so no one wants me to be an expert anything. 😉

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