Don’t Stop Talking on My Account

My previous post seems to have generated a lot of discussion. (Very cool!) I am interested in people’s opinions and certainly don’t want the discussion to stop. Feel free to keep posting on the previous entry or on this one. My only request is that everyone be respectful of opinions that differ from your own.

Vika thanks for the links you provided and I also didn’t know you had a blog. (Stupid of me, I know. Forgive me?) And I have not forgotten that I promised you cows. It’s starting to get cooler here so I might see them out of the shade soon and when I do, I’ll snap you a photo.

1 thought on “Don’t Stop Talking on My Account

  1. In light of all the talk of children, if anyone would like to give their child to me, I would take him.

    I even have a small dog for him to play with!

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