Baby Cards and Bookmarks

This past week I got the crafty bug and had to make a few things.

First up: A baby shower card for Rick and Jessica, well really it is for Jessica because of what it says but I’m guessing Rick will get to change his share of diapers too. It’s made with an image from a piece of gift wrap that I bought while in Boston, as well as some found ribbons and a few other saved paper scraps and fastened together with two silver eyelets.

Next: A book mark made especially for Lana Bob!. I couldn’t resist the Donna Reid dress — for what ever reason, it screamed Lana Bob!’s name when I saw it again. The dress is from a piece of paper I bought when we went to New York a couple of years ago and I edged it with black ink to make it stand out. That’s laid on top of a piece of stamp paper. The fastener at the top says “wisdom”. I like how it looks like the button is the head on the dress, maybe wisdom is filling the head of the paper doll?

The back is a saying dreamed up by Stephen to go with the dress since the paper doll is holding an envelope. More stamp paper nad some purple tie dyed paper as well.

I’m pretty pleased with the way the two pieces turned out. I wish I had time to make a few more but alas, kids in the way.

4 thoughts on “Baby Cards and Bookmarks

  1. have you ever thought of putting those up on
    i think they would be very popular. go there and check out shops like janesapron. she has alot collage items

  2. Jeanetta,
    I’ve thought about doing that very thing but didn’t know:
    1. can you make any money at it?
    2. what if I don’t have a lot of stock? and right now I only work on stuff sporadically.
    3. I use a lot of images from magazines, is that a problem? I suspect it is.
    I would like to do it but don’t know if it’s worth the time and effort I’d have to put into it to make it work.

  3. I really like my bookmark too! It will come in handy b/c I am reading so much lately.
    Oh, and congrats, Jessica, since you read this!

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