Vika’s Cows

I promised Vika a while ago that I would photograph the cows that live right over the hill from us (about a 1/2 mile) so she could see just how rural it is around here.
This is one of three herds that live within a mile of our house. Also this week, I’m going to attempt to photograph the cotton fields and the gin that’s about a 1/2 mile in the other direction from our house. Yeah, rural Alabama!

3 thoughts on “Vika’s Cows

  1. Misty,

    For some reason when I read about Vika and the cows I thought of that story from Arkadelphia regarding the field near Caddo Valley — didn’t you and Terry stop and photograph some cows there for an art piece you were working on and the owner made some comment about “Ya’ll never seen a cow before” or something like that?

    Of course, cows also make me think of the Purple Cow (does that make you crave a milk shake?)

  2. Chris,
    I actually thought of that when I stopped to take photos the other day. Thankfully, I didn’t have to explain to the nice farmer down the road that I was taking photos of cows to go on my blog to show my big city friends where the cows are.

    Also, Mmmmm, Purple Cow…

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