I Can Has New Captions?

We’re back from a Thanksgiving trip to see my family and spend time at the beach and watch Eli run into the surf, then back out, then back in, then back out again. We’ll have pictures and whatnot up eventually.

In the meantime, life is overwhelming, in that “hey, weren’t you gone for a while?” kind of way. To tide you over until intelligent posting resumes, a thesis: lolcats are merely the latest example of how people on the internet recontextualize anything and everything. For a very early example of this phenomenon, see the Dysfunctional Family Circus.

5 thoughts on “I Can Has New Captions?

  1. Thank you! It’s good to be back, even though we had a good time. (Though, since our vacation didn’t involve kangaroos, it can’t be as good as some.)

  2. There were a number of cases where Farside captions got swapped with its fellow single-panel strips like the Family Circus to hilarious results. The one I recall had Billy telling his father something about preserving his skull in a jar.

  3. Limax, it did get a C&D, and after talking with Bil Keane himself, the guy running the site shut it down after strip #500. The link above is to one of the many copies of it still floating about the net.

    Morgan, that’s awesome. I looked on Wikipedia for more information, since this is the kind of minutia it’s great for, and they had the one you referenced (though for Dennis the Menace, not Family Circus), and another involving Dennis the Menace and the caption, “Not hamsters again!”

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