Mind Reading Makes You Stupid

It’s clear that, whatever other benefits you gain from being able to read minds, you also become thick as a giant slab of concrete. If Sherlock Holmes had been able to read minds, he might have solved some of his cases faster, but he’d also have been more like Inspector Clouseau.

For proof, I only need point at Heroes. Matt Parkman can read minds, but he can’t seem to do anything useful with that information. And then we have last night’s episode.

Let’s say you’re Peter Petrelli. You’re working with a guy named Adam who was locked away for years. You’re trying to stop a deadly virus that you saw killed everyone in the future. You’ve already made a logically-shaky leap that the best way to prevent the virus from getting loose is to go find it. The woman who knows where the virus is claims that Adam wants to release said virus. After you read her mind, do you

a) Ask the woman for more details about Adam?
b) Question Adam about his motives?
c) Use your spiffy mind-reading powers to check up on Adam?
d) Let the whole matter drop?

If you picked d), you’re probably a mind reader. God help us all.

5 thoughts on “Mind Reading Makes You Stupid

  1. Thank you for helping to justify my decision to avoid season 2 of Heroes. I saw the first four episodes and decided ‘it can only get worse from here.’

  2. I think Heroes has gotten better in the last two episodes. Peter’s mind-reading stupidity is almost excusable because of his level of attractiveness. Almost.

  3. Actually I found that he was in character for that scene. Peter has always been a puppy dog in looks and actions – he trusts implicitly until directly shown/told that what he believes is wrong. What really bothered me about the episode was the end. Hiro has never been one for charging in and fighting, especially when he knows the other person. That whole last three minutes seemed totally out of character for both of them.

  4. I’ve been getting kinda peeved about Mohinder’s inability to pick sides properly. He went from “bring down the company from the inside” to “we’re only trying to help people” faster than Anakin Skywalker went dark in Episode 3. Either he’s an idiot, or they’re going to reveal that he had a plan all along and was just pretending to agree with the company. Either way annoys me a bit.

  5. Andrew: Out of character, perhaps. On the other hand HIRO AND PETER BATTLE IN ZERO TIME HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED???

    (I’m also confused about how Kaito can be played by Takei at the funeral 17 years ago and in the photo which was presumably taken before the flashback (given that Victoria is in it), but be played by some random guy who is so not Takei at all in the flashback…)

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